★  Expressive No Fucks Statement Art  ★   

🌈 Hand Painted Bright + Fun Collectable Glass + Gold Pieces

⚡️Conversational Art That Truly Personalises Your Interiors. For The Bold, Brave + Style Conscious Creative Art lover 🖤 


What I do

All my work begins as a hand sketched typography design. Designs are then hand painted on glass (reverse side). Often Gold is incorporated into the design via the lettering, I apply the Gold practicing traditional water gilding 💦 techniques. Using only Quality Real Gold Leaf + then usually a 💩 load of glitter is thrown to create some extra wow and add a further dimension to the design ✨ 

✍️ Personalised commissions always welcomed contact me CLICK HERE to discuss your 💡 or feel free to DM me on any of my socials at the bottom of this page 👇🏼